What vegetables are good to eat when you have tinnitus?

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Overview of Tinnitus Diet: The ears receive external sound stimulation and produce the feeling of hearing sounds in the ears. This is a normal auditory function. There is no sound source in the outside world, but subjectively there are various sounds. Patients need to pay attention to their daily diet, otherwise eating the wrong food will aggravate the condition.

What vegetables are good for tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a common ear symptom in daily life and an illusion caused by the auditory system. Severe tinnitus can cause deafness, so it is very important to prevent and treat tinnitus. Scientific diet is an effective way to prevent and treat tinnitus.

1. Soy products

People with neurological tinnitus should eat more soy products. Soy products are rich in calcium, which can make up for the lack of calcium metabolism in the cochlea, so it can improve deafness and tinnitus. Case. Soy products are also rich in iron, which can ensure blood circulation in the ears, thus preventing hearing loss.

2. Zinc-containing foods
Our body is inseparable from trace elements for normal operation. Zinc deficiency will lead to presbycusis, so in order to To avoid hearing loss, you should eat more foods rich in zinc, such as beef, pork liver, chicken and various seafood.

3. Milk

Milk is very nutritious. To prevent and alleviate neurological tinnitus, you should drink more milk. Milk contains almost all the vitamins our body needs. This is Calcium absorption is very helpful, and it also improves blood circulation and relieves the symptoms of deafness.

4. Fish food

For the elderly, they should eat more fish, especially herring, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. This is very good for preventing hyperlipidemia, and can also prevent presbycusis. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more fish regularly.

5. Iron-containing foods
One reason for hearing loss may also be insufficient ear supply, which requires sufficient iron. Therefore, in order to prevent or alleviate the problem in the elderly, In case of deafness and tinnitus, you should eat more iron-containing foods every day, such as seaweed, dried shrimps, black sesame seeds, black fungus, spinach, etc.

6. Eat more calcium- and magnesium-containing foods
If you want to restore your daily routine due to neurological tinnitus, you should eat more calcium-rich foods, such as rib soup, eggs, fish soup, animal Offal and so on. There are also foods rich in magnesium, such as black dates, walnuts, sesame seeds, kelp, seaweed, cereals, etc. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Eat more foods rich in B carotene and vitamin A
In daily life, eat more carrots, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, cod liver oil, etc. which are rich in B carotene and vitamin A. The food has good effect on neurological tinnitus. You can eat more carrot soup, which is not only easy to make but also effective.

Daily life management

Stay away from factors that cause tinnitus or hearing loss in daily life, including:
* Stay away from noise. Noise can damage the human hearing system, causing short-term tinnitus or permanent hearing loss. You should stay away from noise or take appropriate protective measures to isolate it.
* When symptoms of tinnitus occur after taking certain drugs, you should consult your doctor in time.
* When there is excessive and thick earwax, do not use cotton swabs to deal with it yourself. You should ask your doctor to help clean it.
* Monitor blood pressure frequently to prevent it from being too high or too low.
* Get enough sleep. Sleep disorders or insufficient sleep time may induce tinnitus. Insomnia and tinnitus can also form a vicious cycle with each other. You should pay attention to sleep health.

* Negative emotions such as depression and anxiety can induce tinnitus or aggravate existing tinnitus. Negative emotions can be controlled with the help of a psychologist.

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