Will hearing loss be affected after otitis media is cured?

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A large number of studies show that about 80% of children have suffered from secretory otitis media, most of which develop between 6 months and 4 years old, and 50% of those who develop the disease are 1 year old and younger. , the incidence increases to 60% within 2 years of age. Some children can recover on their own within 3 months, but only 30-40% of children will have recurrent secretory otitis media, and 5-10% of children will have persistent symptoms. more than a year.

Will otitis media still affect hearing after being cured?
This is not necessarily true. It depends on whether your hearing has declined after treatment of otitis media, and whether you have other symptoms and develop into other types of hearing loss. If it develops into sensorineural hearing loss, then It’s not easy to recover.

Acute otitis media and secretory otitis media – hearing killers in children

Acute otitis media and secretory otitis media can lead to thickening of the tympanic membrane and effusion in the middle ear , if the middle ear effusion is not effectively treated, it will cause the adhesion of the middle ear ossicular chain to restrict movement and cause conductive deafness. Generally speaking, according to the evidence of symptom-based medicine, most children's middle ear effusion will subside from the onset of illness to three months later, but there are still a small number of children whose effusion does not subside and the mucus-like effusion in the middle ear turns into Jelly-like, thus affecting hearing. In this case, middle ear tube surgery is required to restore hearing.

How to deal with and prevent middle ear effusion
1. Identify the cause of middle ear effusion. Unilateral middle ear effusion in adults requires nasopharyngoscopy To exclude tumors in the nasopharynx, it is necessary to determine whether there is hypertrophy of proliferative bodies for earache.
2. For children, upper respiratory tract infection and adenoid hypertrophy are the main causes.

3. Studies have shown that second-hand smoke is a high-risk factor, so parents must provide their children with an environment free of second-hand smoke. This is a heavy responsibility, and disease prevention is always more important than cure.

Chronic otitis media will affect hearing and how to deal with it
1. Chronic otitis media often leads to perforation of the tympanic membrane or limited movement of the ossicular chain, and can also lead to conductive or mixed For chronic deafness, surgery may be considered if conditions permit.

2. If you are too old or have a general condition that cannot tolerate surgery, you can consider wearing a hearing aid after controlling inflammation.

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