Is there anything that young people need to pay attention to when wearing hearing aids?

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Deafness is a very stubborn disease that has a serious impact on patients. When treating deafness, everyone must choose a hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. In daily life, patients can also hear sounds by wearing Hearing Aids.

What should young people pay attention to when wearing hearing aids?
1. The hearing aid should be kept dry and clean. If you put the hearing aid in a drying box when not wearing it at night, this will help remove moisture and sweat from inside the hearing aid and extend the service life of the hearing aid.
2. Frequently use a small brush to carefully clean away dust and earwax that may be blocked in the microphone sound input port, sound hole, ventilation hole, battery compartment, and then wipe the surface with a paper towel or soft cloth.
3. Do not immerse your hearing aid in any liquid. Please check whether you have removed your hearing aid before swimming or showering.
4. A hearing aid is a small amplifier that amplifies sounds that are originally inaudible, and then uses the residual hearing of the hearing-impaired person so that the sounds can be sent to the auditory center of the brain and the sounds can be felt. It is mainly composed of five parts: microphone, amplifier, headphones, power supply and volume control. Hearing aids are divided into air conduction hearing aids and bone conduction hearing aids according to the conduction method; according to the use method, they are classified into box type, glasses type, hairpin type, behind-the-ear type, in-the-ear type, canal type, and deep canal type hearing aids.

In daily fitting work, we often encounter hearing-impaired patients, especially young people, who are unwilling to wear hearing aids despite their severe hearing loss. I feel unsightly, have low self-esteem, and worry about being discovered by others. There is a psychological barrier that cannot be overcome.

No one will get sick if they eat whole grains. Everyone's body is not perfect. My eyes are nearsighted, so wearing glasses is acceptable. I have bad ears, but I don’t want to wear a hearing aid. Because wearing glasses is common, and hearing aids seem to be reserved for the elderly. In fact, young people account for a large proportion of the hearing-impaired patients we come into contact with on a daily basis.

There are many young people, many of whom have been wearing hearing aids since childhood. Although their hearing loss is severe, with the help of hearing aids and long-term language training, their pronunciation is accurate. Rarely has a large tongue. As you grow older, you can integrate into mainstream society, become confident, sunny, and face things calmly. There are college students, chefs, teachers, technicians, and securities company employees. Hearing aids have become their "closest friend" in life.

Young hearing-impaired friends should get rid of their psychological barriers as soon as possible and face it calmly. Find problems and solve them. Go to a professional hearing aid center and your hearing aid will be checked by a hearing aid specialist, who will develop a detailed hearing solution and select a hearing aid suitable for your hearing loss, thereby alleviating the stress caused by your hearing impairment. Dear friends, go and fully experience the richness and variety of audio life!

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