Do hearing-impaired children really need “orange school bags”?

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The "Orange School Bag" public welfare program aims to donate orange school bags with special markings to hearing-impaired children of appropriate age, draw public attention to the traffic safety of hearing-impaired children, protect their travel safety, and provide them with a traffic safety "talisman" to Hearing-impaired children can walk safely on the road.

Do hearing-impaired children really need “orange school bags”?
Every year, 25,000 primary and secondary school students are killed or injured in traffic accidents in our country. Hearing-impaired children may encounter greater dangers during travel due to hearing impairment. As a vulnerable group, hearing-impaired children should indeed receive care from the whole society.

However, this move also caused controversy. Some experts and parents believe that "orange school bags" will cause hearing-impaired children to be treated differently, causing them psychological burden and even making them more vulnerable to criminals. I have to admit that their concerns are not unreasonable. The focus of the question is, how should we properly protect special groups? Specific to this case, the first thing that needs to be confirmed is whether asking hearing-impaired children to carry "orange schoolbags" is really a labeling behavior. If this well-intentioned action actually hurts the heart of the hearing-impaired child, it will be more than worth the loss. But in fact, both sides of the debate hold their own opinions, but they fail to fully listen to the voices of the recipients.

The general public’s understanding of hearing-impaired children is relatively old, and they are still stuck in the understanding of “ten deaf and nine dumb”, sign language, and reading. They do not understand today’s assistance Listening technology is changing with each passing day and has developed to a very high level.

Except for some special circumstances, most children with hearing loss can obtain near-normal hearing through Hearing Aids or cochlear implants. After effective education and rehabilitation, they will basically not be able to tell any difference from normal children. Not to mention the harsh sound of car horns, some can even hear soft voices.

Just like if we have poor eyesight, we can see clearly by wearing glasses. Children with hearing loss, who are just a little hard of hearing, can hear clearly by wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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